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Learning Center

The Learning Center is used first and foremost as an instructional space where students in the Elementary School and Upper School can work undisturbed in small groups or alone with the instructional specialist Ms. Frater. The additional enrichment programs (LRT for the Elementary School and LRS supplementary courses for the secondary school) are also taught here as part of the Afternoon Program. Furthermore, initial evaluations are conducted in the Learning Center and Ms. Frater can use it to advise parents and teachers, discuss students‘ specific needs, create individual instructional plans, and discuss the implementation of these plans.

Of course, the Learning Center is also available to parents whose children do not participate in a special supplemental course, but who would simply like to learn more about learning games, techniques, etc.

For additional information, any questions or to visit the Learning Center, simply make an appointment with Ms. Frater (

The pictures below illustrate instructional activity and some of the pedagogical projects in the Learning Center.

Strategies and capabilities are trained in a playful manner:

A read-aloud project by children of the Elementary School in the SEL:

Students from the Secondary School talk to SES children,then write custom-tailored stories for them and read these aloud:


A few impressions of the Learning Center offerings from students and parents:

“The instructional design is flexible and customized for each student.“

“Working this way encourages me.“

“People really help me there. And it’s a lot of fun.“

“There is always a very good learning atmosphere.“

“Even work is fun here and I like to get to class early!“

“The interactive work distinguishes this course.“

“LRT is fun, we learn and laugh, and Ms. Frater is just great.“

“Ms. Frater inspires the children. She is always open to questions and in case of problems, she gives good suggestions and advice that we can also use at home.“

“I would really like to have LRT every day.“

“LRT is lots of fun because the games are fun and we do interesting things. And because Ms. Frater is so nice!“

“It’s wonderful that LRT is an additional offering in the Elementary School – this is internal differentiation in practice, just the kind parents want! Our child started to profit from the individually-tailored material after just a short while, from the creative and appealing materials, and naturally from the sensitive and professional support – thank you very much, Ms. Frater!“



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