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A Trip to Ford's Theatre

by Eva G.-H.

On Wednesday, December 11th, the 6th grade went on a field trip to Ford's Theatre. Once
we got off the bus, we went into The Petersen House. This is the house where President Lincoln
was carried after he was shot in Ford's Theatre. He died in the house a few hours later. It was
like a trip back in time. I thought it was cool to be in a house that was such a big part of history.
Next, we walked into a museum dedicated to Abraham Lincoln's role in American history.
In the museum, you could watch videos or slide shows about Abraham Lincoln. You could even
look at flowers that were in President Lincoln's coffin.
To get out of the museum we walked down a winding stair case. The center of the stair
case was a huge mountain of books, all about Abraham Lincoln.
Last but not least, we went into Ford's Theatre! My group immediately went to the Ford's
Theatre gift shop because we had some time before the play A Christmas Carol by Charles
Dickens would start. Right before the play began, cast members went into the audience asking
us questions like “Where do you live?” The lights dimmed and the play started.
The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is about a business man named Ebenezer
Scrooge, set in 1843 London. Scrooge only cares for money and has no Christmas spirit. On the
night of Christmas Eve, he is warned by the ghost of an old business partner named Marley that
he will be visited by three ghosts: the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. These
ghosts manage to change Ebenezer's perspective on Christmas. Then on Christmas day, he
wakes up with generosity, a good heart, and most importantly, Christmas spirit.
All the talented actors sung beautifully. The play was a little frightening because of
special effects when the ghosts arrived. Marley's ghost was especially scary since he used the
most booms, screams, and flashes of bright light. My favorite ghost was the Ghost of Christmas
Past. I liked her because she never walked on stage—instead she flew! The Ghost of Christmas
Present was also the ghost of food and generosity. She appeared surrounded by a feast and said
that she fed the human race. The Ghost of Christmas Future was a creepy figure covered in a
black cape.
I enjoyed the trip and was disappointed when we had to go home.

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