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Annual Cookout

Dear school community,

On June 2nd, 2015, we, the Board of Directors held the annual cookout in appreciation of DSW employees.

We give special thanks to the following employees, who have worked at the school for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years: Ms. Steffi Colopy, Mr. Gevork Devoyans, Ms. Klara Fabina, Mr. John Green, Ms. Dagmar Haggerty, Ms. Tina Hallex, Ms. Dörte Hardage, Dr. Marita Heep, Ms. Tozaya Hoes, Mr.  Rene Joerg, Mr. Richard Mgongo, Ms. Sybille Schumann, Ms. Ulrike Schweitzer, Mr. Fred Thommes, Ms. Nele Vorwerk, Ms. Martina Voss.

We are pleased to welcome new employees who joined our team this school year: Mr. Christopher Barker, Ms. Corina Bohn, Ms. Alexandria Cheshire, Ms. Jeannette Dubrey, Ms. Desiree Hernandez, Ms. Rita Ivanscics, Dr. Sabine Jackson Ms. Ines Kupperberg, Ms. Sandy McCormack, Mr. Andreas Pfann, Ms. Esther Ramirez, Ms. Ursula Stocker,  Ms. Martina Uhas.

And we say goodbye to the following employees who are, unfortunately, leaving us at the end of this year: Mr. Waldemar Gries, Ms. Anita Hoehle, Mr. Markus Lammes, Mr. Philip Wagner.

An extra special thanks goes to Ms. Kerstin Hopkins, who jumped in to temporarily run the Business Office at a moment's notice for five months this school year and did such an excellent job, and to Ms. Jeannette Dubrey, who was essential to planning and organizing the cookout!

Finally, we thank all employees for being a significant part of our school community and for the service and dedication they give to our school, students and families every day!

Monika Pohlmann

on behalf of the Board of Directors

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