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Architect visits School Entry Level

As every year, architect Joe McCoy visited the SEL of the German School.  Joe is an architect with Sanchez and Palmer Architects and is well-known within the DSW.  Not only was he involved in planning and building the SEL rooms, but he and his former firm designed and constructed our Science Building.

What most people don’t know is  that Joe has been visiting the SEL for the past seven years  introducing the students to the basics of architecture..  This year, he demonstrated various ways of planning a building and to put that plan on paper.  Besides the frontal view and the blue prints, he showed the kids different ways to view and represent buildings.  His challenge to the students was to redesign the SEL classrooms and to put those plans on paper.  Ideas ranged from a swimming pool to museum areas, large sofas, televisions to a movie theater.

After the Winter Break the SEL kids will continue to examine architecture and they will hear about the Three Little Pigs, who faced major construction problems with their houses.

Dörte Hardage

Coordinator of the SEL

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