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Arrival Time at the Elementary School

Dear Parents:

The school year 2015/16 is off to a good start in the Elementary School (School Entry Level through grade 4) and many rules and routines have been established. Unfortunately, there are problems with punctuality: Every day, many students arrive much too late at the Elementary School. Naturally we understand that there can always be traffic-related delays for parents who drive their children and children who ride the bus.

However, we have noted that some families who drive their children to school simply do not budget enough time for the drive to school.

The planned time of arrival at the school should be no later than 8:00 am.

As you may know, we open the doors to the SEL at 7:45 am and to the Elementary School building at 7:55 am.

Your children need time to properly store their backpacks, lunches, gym clothes, and swimming gear. And they like to have a few minutes to to play or talk to their friends before the punctual start of class.

Children who arrive too late interrupt the lesson and disturb the teacher as well as the other students, who have arrived on time.

We lock the entry door to the Elementary School at 8:10am, and after this time, the door is opened electronically after people are buzzed in. Our librarian handles this task, however, she also has other duties. Therefore, if they arrive late, parents must park the car and accompany their child. You yourself must ensure that your child is let into the Elementary School building. If your child has gym or swimming lessons first period, you must accompany him or her into the gymnasium or to the swimming pool or your child can wait in the library if necessary.

Another brief note: The outer door of the Elementary School is no longer wide open after 8:05am, however it can still be opened by the children; the inner door is locked starting at 8:10am. This is done for pedagogical reasons: The closed outer door of the Elementary School indicates that school is about to begin and everybody needs to hurry and not wander across the school courtyard in leisurely fashion.

I would like to ask you to take my request seriously and assist the Elementary School teachers with this issue. Good teaching and the safety of your children are very important to us.

Sincerely yours,

Monika Rodrigues
Elementary School Principal

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