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Artists Weeks at the School Entry Level

The School Entry Level will conduct their Artists Weeks again this March.

The children will look at art, describe what they see, their emotions and impressions.  “Which colors affect me how, which techniques do I particularly like, how have portraits changed over time, and how would I depict my own thoughts?”  These are key questions for the SEL children as they study and absorb the artwork of famous artists.

Not only do we study art, but we also work on our own art pieces styled after the analyzed Masters. Whether it is Michelangelo, who painted the Sixtene Chapel mostly lying on his back, Giacometti, who has his sculptures walk across a „Piazza“ or Henri Matisse, who „painted“ with scissors – the children will experience how easy or difficult the creation of this art work was.  We also examine colors, shapes and lines and apply them in our own art work.

Children see more in art than we adults do and we often underestimate a child’s grasp on art.  A free spirit, unrestrained observations help to possibly see art differently or to understand it more easily.  Especially challenging are pieces by Alexander Calder (Mobiles) or Joan Mirὀ and Paul Klee, whose pieces mostly represent personal experiences or dreams.  However, you will be amazed how much the kids can present and express through those styles.

At the end of this unit, the children will not only have visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. to look at the original art work of the artists, but they will also present their work at our very own SEL art exhibit.  In addition to the families, we also invite representatives of our school community to visit this impressive show.  Further dates can be found in upcoming Wednesday Mails.

Doerte Hardage
Coordinator SEL

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