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Celebrating five grade levels of Hugo-und-Herta-Scholarship holders

Our first Hugo-and-Herta-Müller-Scholarship recipients were chosen in the spring of 2011. For the next four years, two more deserving students were selected each year at the end of fourth grade. This year marks the first time in the history of the scholarship, when each of the five grades from 5 through 9 have scholarship holders. In spring 2017, a new generation of parents and students will have the opportunity to apply for the popular scholarship. 

 The childless benefactors, originally from Hamburg, Germany, wanted their endowment to be used for the advancement of the German language and culture. This year’s recipients are Eliza Boniface, whose father is American and Leonhard Losert, whose mother hails from Spain. Both students have been attending the German School since they were very young and are excellent students. Both families are excited to be awarded the scholarships starting in grade 5. They plan to stay at the German School Washington D.C. for years to come.

One more time, we would like to extend our warm congratulations to these deserving students, Leonhard and Eliza. May they learn and live at the DSW in the spirit of Professor Hugo and Herta Müller.

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