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Elementary School Farewells

Dear School Community,

The teaching staff of the Elementary School has to bid farewell to Mrs. Ingrid Wrausmann, Mrs. Corinna Bohn, and Mrs. Sonja Bartels.

Mrs. Wrausmann has been a teacher at the DSW since 1974; in effect Mrs. Wrausmann has taught at the school for 42 years!

Mrs. Wrausmann is a beloved teacher among students, and she is highly esteemed by parents and colleagues.

Her eminent teaching career included, among many other functions, her leadership as the chair of the English Department in the Elementary School, her creation and organization of the event “World Day of the Book”, and her numerous, written editorials and biographies.

It will be difficult to find a replacement for the multitude of assignments which were carried out by Mrs. Wrausmann. The entire staff of the Elementary School congratulates Mrs. Wrausmann on her accomplishments and wishes her the very best for her future. We all hope that we will continue to see Mrs. Wrausmann frequently at the German School.

For the past three years, Mrs. Corinna Bohn has successfully led her class at the Elementary School. Her teaching style was characterized by her devotion to her students. Mrs. Bohn enthusiastically oversaw the production and successful completion of all Elementary School curricula. Mrs. Bohn furthermore managed the cooperation program between the Elementary School and the Upper School. Additionally, she demonstrated her technical expertise when she worked with Smart Boards during their inception.  

We wish Mrs. Bohn and her family all the best for the future.

Mrs. Sonja Bartels served as a substitute teacher for the Elementary School for the past four years. She performed an admirable job as a music teacher in the School Entry Level classes, and we fondly remember the little ones and their musical theater performances at the end of each school year.

We also wish Mrs. Bartels and her family all the best in the future.

The Elementary School teaching staff will miss all three colleagues tremendously, and will think of them often.

Monika Rodrigues, Elementary School Principal, and the Elementary School teaching staff

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