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Elementary School: Impressions of the World Day of the Book

Hannah , age 7

I liked the drawings. Torben Kuhlmann was nice. He could draw perfectly. He knew how to introduce himself. I have to say again: He is nice, nicer, the nicest. I liked him and the day.

Aidan, age 8

I liked the drawings. I liked how the mouse made the plane. I liked how the mouse flew to New York. I liked the book.

May, age 7

I liked it when we were watching a small, short video. I think the writer that wrote the book has a funny name. His name is Kuhlmann. (Cool, man!)I got a signature and he is good at drawing mice with wings.

Luciana, age 8

That day was great! I got new books. They turned out great. Torben Kuhlmann told us about his book. Torben’s book is called Lindbergh. It was very nice to see his two books: “Lindbergh” and “Die Maulwurfsstadt”.

Mary, age 7

I liked the drawings and the coloring. They were nice. I liked it when he was reading. There were a lot of books.

Isabel, age 7

I liked the part of the movie where the black cat sees the mouse and where the owl wanted to get the mouse. I liked the drawings.

Lara, age 7

I liked the pictures and the coloring. We could choose books and we could eat something. A lot of books! I liked that Torben Kuhlmann read to us.

Noa, age 7

I liked the author’s drawings. It was a nice day. I really loved Torben Kuhlmann’s book. But it was too long

Sarah Julia, age 9

I thought that Torben Kuhlmann was very impressive. How could he win so many prizes with just one book? I got my book (in English) signed. The pictures were amazing. I was very interested in the making of Lindbergh. It is a very good book that expresses lots of stuff like what the mouse felt while it was gliding through the air. It must have been an indescribable feeling to write such an amazing book!

Paula, age 10

I think the World Day of the Book was a good opportunity, since I LOVE reading books. In the afternoon program” Cooking 4 Kids” we made little marshmallow mice to eat, but on the day they were gone. They told us that there were more kids than mice. It was a really cool thing that we could meet the author. I liked him.

Andrew, age 10

I liked the film and getting the autograph of the author. The book was just cool and creative. I loved the pictures of the author.  It was awesome and cool.

Anna, age 9

Sadly, I was sick. Somebody told me that it was about a flying mouse. I think that would be a pretty interesting story. I also saw the pictures. They were very nice. I wish I would have read the book. But I would have loved to meet the author.

Sophia, age 9

On the 30th of April, there was a book presentation at the German School. It was about a mouse that wanted to fly from Hamburg to New York. I liked the pictures. I probably could never draw those pictures like him. I wish I could buy his book about a flying mouse and have it signed.

Noah, age 10

The Day of the Book was in my perspective a bad day. I did not get a signature. I could not buy a book of the story. I did not find a good book to buy.

Theo, age 9

I did like the book. It had a lot of cool pictures. It was so good that I would buy the book now. First, I did not know about this book and now I want to buy it.

Emma, age 10

I liked the drawings and the little movie. Probably, I will read the “Moletown” book. The trailer was pretty nice. There were amazing pictures and the idea was really cool. Like every year, it was great.

Linnea, age 9

I really liked the book, hearing it in German. Torben Kuhlmann is a very good author and illustrator. I wonder how he draws so well! I really liked how he showed us the mini-films. The pictures look really awesome!

Pablo, age 9

I liked the story for many reasons. At first I thought the book was boring, but when he presented it, I was like - WOW! I thought it would make a wonderful movie. I liked the cover too and that he drew his own pictures. It was great!


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