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Energy Sufficiency Project at the DSW (EnSan)

The Energy Sufficiency Project (EnSan) is still a work in progress. During the past few weeks, we passed several important milestones. Last week, the photovoltaic system (PV) that transforms light energy from the solar panels into electricity has been connected and is now running efficiently. The PV system will save us great amounts of energy and our newly installed solar panels heat up our water. This project will put the German School Washington D.C. on the map of being one of the most energy sufficient and environmentally friendly schools in the United States of America. During the next few weeks and months, we will report about this wonderful system in more detail. It is a pleasure to be supporting one of our Afternoon Program courses called “Students Experiment” (Schü-Ex) in their project about solar energy.

The heating and air conditioning units are continuously being worked on. We are still anticipating a substantial completion in February 2016. After the substantial completion the system needs to be balanced and adjusted for each season and the punch list has to be completed. Only then will we reach the final stage of this project.

Temperatures, room pressure, and the noise levels of the heating and air condition units have improved and are expected to continue to do so over the next weeks.

K. Hopkins, DSW Project Manager

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