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EnSan - First Milestones Are Met

The Energy Efficiency Renovation includes some major construction and we realize that some of it is being heard during class. We would like to take this opportunity to ensure you that all appropriate and necessary measures are taken to provide a safe and productive learning environment for all our students and faculty. As long as work is being done in the new Business Office area, we provide two alternate rooms for exams and for instruction that requires particular silence. We would like to thank everyone for their flexibility and patience.

We are happy to share with you that the EnSan Project has met several of its milestones of Phase I. (schedule of construction phases) First, the server room is completeand our IT Director Michael Heller has more room next to the servers that he maintains in the new space. Second, all river stones are removed and the new insulation is installed on the roof of the Preschool building. Third, the ramps in the Assembly Hall area of the main building are in place and in use. We are working on a few finishing touches to the ramps throughout the coming weeks.

What is in the works?

Jutta Wagner and Susan Sexton are now welcoming our visitors and assisting students and faculty at their temporary front desk. The Business Office staff currently remains in their temporary office and is looking forward to the completion of the new administration area, which includes the area of the former Art room, business office, office of the Deputy Head of School and High School Coordinatorthe counselor’s office, as well as the former staff kitchen. The work on these new rooms is progressing steadily. Students and parents looking to talk to our counselor for grades 5-12 Klara Fabina find her in room 15 for the coming months. The Deputy Head of School Hr. Sarpe and the High School Coordinator Hr. Joerg are in room 22. And we are ahead of schedule in regards to the new Art room which is already in the process of being prepared in the former Chemistry room. 

Above all these projects, the roof of the main building is cleared of all river stones and a crew of workers is in the process of installing insulation. Underneath, another crew of workers continues to renovate the boiler room with all its various equipment.

To learn more about the ongoing Energy Efficiency Renovations, please come to the Second Townhall Meeting on September 9, 2014 at 7:00pm in the Assembly Hall or join us via webinar. Project Management Leadership from Germany will conduct the meeting. Please  submit your questions prior to the meeting via This will permit us to have the answers ready for you during the Townhall Meeting.

RAMPSr New ramps by the stage in the main building
r New ramps when entering the assembly hall of the main building
u New ramps leading all the way back to the Extended Care room area in the main building
u New equipment in the boiler room
u Supporting platforms for new equipment in the boiler room

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