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Fall at the Preschool

"I think anyway, if young people would listen to everything the elders say, all development would stop and the world comes to a standstill." Astrid Lindgren

Dear Parents!

The new preschool year has just started and we are already in the middle of the autumn season. Our "new children" have now settled in quite well and thanks to the beginning phase where some parents still accompanied their children for a little while, not so many tears were shed!

The whole family is experiencing a great change in life, when children start attending preschool. Each child experiences the separation process in the morning differently. This separation phase and process is part of a very important development, indeed they are a necessary step for your child to emotionally mature.

We are all very excited about independent and self-confident children - but that must be learned, and we ask you dear parents, to actively support your child and us in this process.

Changes also take place in nature right now, which we actively observe with your children every day. The autumn is here and the summer has left. It gives us a variety of treasures to find and magic to observe in the garden, field and meadow. We will consciously experience and discover this special season with your children.

Our project topic for the next few weeks is:  “The Autumn”.

We will explore this theme throughout fall with stories, picture books, songs, crafts, rhythm and gymnastics, practical exercises, circle time conversations and also with science projects.

To be part of a project means to be curious and open - this applies to the children as well as the accompanying adults. Curiosity and openness to a topic includes that a project is developed over time, whereby we note that due to the different interests of the children in the different Preschool classes, the projects will also differ from class to class. They will be group-specifically selected or adapted. The different ages of the children are of course always considered and taken into account while we develop the projects with your children.

I am wishing you a lot of fun during your family autumn walks!

Kind Regards,

Mojdeh Khojasteh
Preschool Principal

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