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Film Project - Part 1

Dear School Community,

You may be familiar with our school video on the homepage of our Website and on our DSW YouTube-Channel. It was created a few years ago on a pro bono basis by Water Field Productions, Inc. When I launched the new website in October 2013, I decided to post it as it was at the time because it is a wonderful summarizing film that displays the many strengths of our school extremely well. I posted it although by that time, we had two topics on our list that we had not gotten around to: Preschool & Cafeteria.

This spring, we hired Waterfield Productions to film these two areas. In May, we filmed at the Preschool and in June we will film at the cafeteria. I would like to thank the entire Preschool staff under the leadership of Mojdeh Khojasteh for their flexibility and patience when we came in last week Wednesday. It can be quite disruptive to have a film crew with big lights and cameras around for an entire day, but the staff was extremely welcoming and helped turn this day into a fun and interesting experience for all preschoolers. A big thank-you to the preschool teachers for that and to Mojdeh Khojasteh for her warm hospitality including breakfast and lunch for us, thanks to Talia Silva for the glowing parent interview, to Klara Fabina for helping me arrange for three older students to come and read to the preschoolers, to our older students Sophia A, Mario D. and Vinzent K.  for the time they spent with the preschoolers, reading books and keeping them entertained, to Jutta Wagner for looking up the photo release information, to Susanne Koehler for making our special menu wish come true and last but definitely not least, to the film crew Denise Nakamizu, Stefan Wiesen and Michael, the “lighting man”, for their professionalism, creativity and the patience to go through several takes as little boys ran right through the interview to rush to the bathroom.

It was a very fun and exciting day for all!

I look forward to our cafeteria filming adventure in the coming weeks.

Beate Mahious

Communications Director


p.s. To answer the numerous anticipatory inquiries: The updated DSW video will be on the homepage of our website at by Back-to-School Night in the middle of August.

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