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For Love of Words: The 2014 Spelling Bee

As every year, the German School auditorium was packed on January 29, 2014, with noisy Elementary and Middle School students anxious to witness the school’s Spelling Bee. With her professional élan, Carla Minami—German School English teacher and moderator of the Bee—brought the audience to a hush, explained the rules, and reminded everyone to remain courteous and quiet. Several students encouraged their classmates with placards expressing their support: “Go 5A!” The jury consisted of Andrea Meuschke, Nele Vorwerk, and Mihaela Cropsey, German School English teachers. And Peter Dreher provided photographic support.

The Bee demonstrated that the winners of the classroom competition were very good spellers. The difficulty increased very quickly to such words as “abstruse,” “prognosticate,” lambasted,” “vitriolic,” and “insinuate.” Some students asked to hear the word used in a sentence, to learn its etymology, or to confirm its definition; others asked for all three. And Ms. Minami calmly fulfilled the requests of all the contestants.

The final rounds were the most exciting as the three final participants spelled such words as “bountiful,” “exorcism,” and “extinguish.” The audience was especially amazed that very young students from the Elementary School could spell these difficult words.

At the end of the Bee, the winners received trophies and medallions in recognition of their achievements.

The English teachers and the German School community are very proud of these students, heartily congratulate them, and sincerely thank the Friends of the German School for their generous annual support of the Bee.

Dr. Peter Dreher

DSW English Department Chair

Spelling Bee School and Classroom Winners

Champion: Jacqueline H. (5B)

Second Place: Indigo M. (5B)

Third Place: Kyle J. (3A)



Kyle J.
Tommy G.

Sophia S.
Linnea D.

Max M.
Clarissa B.

Stephanie S.
Sarah M.

Johannes L.
Natalie K.

Jacqueline H.
Indigo M.

Eva G.
Charlotte N.

Demetrius D.
Dino Z.

Shai N.
Kyra F.

Emma F.
Sofia R.

Sebastian K.
Isabella S.

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