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FROG Event in the Elementary School

School is not only meant to educate students on the many subjects in which they receive instruction. School is also a place in which students learn how to treat one another and how to function in a larger social group setting. They learn these skills through their families, their teachers and school staff, from each other and in various settings.

The Elementary School started the FROG Program (Please see an attached copy of the FROG flyer for details) many years ago in order to reiterate and visually demonstrate the qualities and characteristics that are important for students to learn. There are certain rules and behaviors that are expected of our students, and likewise there are behaviors and actions that we do not condone.

At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Rodrigues and Ms. Schweitzer invited the 1st & 2nd graders and the 3rd & 4th graders to an information session on expected behavior, on rules, on rewards (e.g. FROG tokens) and on consequences (e.g. missing a recess). In order to illustrate these talking points in a child friendly manner, the various characteristics of FROG were discussed in detail.

More specifically, the students were reminded that they should:

- greet teachers and school staff

- walk slowly in the school building (no running)

- speak quietly in the building (no yelling)

- respect others’ “space bubble” (no shoving, pushing etc.)

- be helpful and kind to one another

- be polite and open to their peers

- solve conflicts using words, and seek help if necessary

At the end of the sessions, all students received their first FROG of the year. All the classes also received an information packet on FROG that the homeroom teachers can use and refer back to as needed throughout their curriculum. Posters outlining various expected behaviors for various settings (hallways, cafeteria, classrooms, bathrooms etc.) are displayed throughout the Elementary School.

We look forward to a terrific FROG year with our students!


Elementary School Team

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