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GER-Business Award 2016

It’s a good thing that the projects presented on February 17, 2016 are based on fictitious services and machines! Otherwise, members of the audience would certainly have ripped the products out of the hands of our skilled young entrepreneurs and they would now be the proud owners of a cereal bar machine. Or a rental rechargeable battery for a mobile telephone. Or an app you can use to find the right person for any task at hand.

After weeks of preparation, the 10th graders at the DSW presented their sales concepts to the public with such confidence and persuasion that some proud parents actually reached for their wallets when confronted with their children’s financing plan: “parents and friends will each lend us $20,000.“

At the end of the event, three groups rejoiced in their very real start-up capital:

Team 1: Momentum: Swantje E., Athena D., Erik G., Fabian B. ($1,000.00)
Team 2: CitySaver: Isabella Sh., Karenine L., Sarah T., Victoria Sch., Sophia Sch. ($700.00)
Team 3: Bariety: Benedict van St., Christophe D., Daniel V., Max O’N., Philip D.($300.00)

We would like to thank the members of the jury who judged our teams so professionally and also provided them with support and advice.

Special thanks goes to the Social Studies teacher of our 10th graders, Mr. Bohdan Zemek.

- Sabine Tscherner

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