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Herta-and-Hugo-Mueller Scholarship

Dear Parents,

As has been announced during the November 2018 Membership Meeting, the Board of Directors of the German School Society voted to make permanent changes to the Herta-and-Hugo-Mueller Scholarship in the spirit of making it more equitable and distributing the Funds among other areas of the School fostering the German language. The previous terms of the Scholarship for current recipients will not change.

Some of the following guidelines will be adopted in the 2018/19 school year and others in the 2019/20 school year:

1. Modest Herta-and-Hugo-Mueller cash awards will be determined by the report card conference at the end of fourth grade.

2. The $500 cash awards will be open to all current GISW fourth Graders who achieve a 1.22 grade point average or better (based on German grading system) at the end of fourth grade.

3. In addition, any fourth grade student deemed by the Elementary School faculty to have made extensive progress in the study of German, regardless of their overall grade point average, will also be awarded with a $500 cash award. However, the selection process for the most improved awards begins with our current third graders, and will be awarded for the first time at the conclusion of the 2019/20 school year.

3. There is no need to formally apply for the Award.  All students will be considered and the cash awards will be announced at the end of the school year.

Furthermore, the Board has decided in consultation with the Head of School and the Faculty on the following uses of a portion of the Trust’s proceeds each year:

1. In order to enable the Elementary School to continue its successful tradition to bring authors of children’s literature to the school each year for “World Day of the Book”, the trust will provide $1000 each year to help fund this event, matching the generous donation already made each year for this purpose by the FRIENDS.

2. In order to allow as many of our students as possible to participate in the camps and other programs offered in Germany for students in grades 10-12 by our new MINT-EC membership, the Trust will be used to fund 80% of the travel expenses for students participating in these events. Since the MINT-EC program covers the majority of other costs associated with their program, this should enable participation by any student who wishes to participate, regardless of their financial means. Funding will be limited to one trip per student.

The Board continues to seek input from you in terms of alternate uses of the Trusts dividends. Please submit your feedback, ideas or questions to

Best wishes,

The Board of Directors

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