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3B celebrates a pizza party!

Buon Appetito, homeroom 3B! With an unrivaled number of 21 receipts from last month’s pizza fundraiser, Mrs. Fischer-Pils’ homeroom 3B won a delicious pizza party on Wednesday, March 12, 2014! Thanks to a combined effort of parents and Mrs. Fischer-Pils, homeroom 3B took over Potomac Pizza and enjoyed an evening of fun and great food. As a result, the 3B won the receipt contest and received an in-house delivery of even more delicious pizza.

Homeroom 3B’s support is greatly appreciated by the entire German School community and especially the student choir who will benefit from the funds raised. A big “thank you” goes out to everyone who participated in the fundraiser and especially the receipt contest including Mrs. Osiander’s homeroom 1B, Mrs. Kapustin’s homeroom 2A, Mr. Wagner’s homeroom 3A and Mr. Zemek’s homeroom 10B.

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