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Maryland State Department of Education

iPads & Starboard

Maryland State Department of Education funds several big purchases at the German School Washington D.C.

As in previous years, our Head of School has applied for funds provided by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). These funds are reserved for smaller private schools in order to improve the progress of learning the English language as well as the history of our host country. For the last  two years, the program is supervised by the Bookstore Manager, Dagmar Pertsch, in cooperation with the IT Director, Michael Heller.

We are happy to announce that this team has successfully achieved funding for:

- Books for instruction in the subjects English and U.S. History

-  4 Starboards (Two of these will be installed in the Elementary School, one in the Science Building and one in the Main Building.)

- 9 iPads (for the Elementary School)

- 8 laptops

- 1 printer

- as well as further technical equipment which will help improve the school’s infrastructure

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