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NaWi lesson on October 1, 2015

Yes! I was so happy when I heard that we do NaWi every second week in fourth grade! During the first two NaWi lessons we saw three different experiments done by different Science teachers. We had to guess each experiments category. They were so cool to look at!

In our second week, we learned about how the light works and the different parts you need for that. It was very interesting.

During the third class, we had to build our own light under the table so that the cleaning crew can see well. So they can see if it is dirty. We also tried to build two lights for the front of a Lego-car.

Our NaWi teacher is very nice and funny and she explains things very well. I am excited for the next time. We are going to build a little house in our Arts class and try to put light into the house.

I love everything about NaWi!

Pauline, 4th grade

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