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Our Fieldtrip to the Aquarium

On February 10, 2016 the 4a and 4b went on a fieldtrip to the Baltimore Aquarium. Once we arrived, the first place that we went to was the black tip reef, an open pond area. There were black tip sharks, sting rays and small fish. It was a beautiful indoor pond and the fish seemed to enjoy it as well. Once we were finished admiring the pond, we went to the next floor. On that floor there were a lot of differently themed aquariums. My favorite was the one with the octopus. We learned a lot of fun facts about it. When the two classes were finished looking at the colorful fish, we visited the next floor. That floor was all about feeling creatures. There was a little stream were we could feel horseshoe crabs and little stingrays. Behind this stream was a smaller stream where we could feel jellyfish. They were very delicate, and their bodies were made 95% of water! Feeling the jellyfish was definitely my favorite part of the aquarium. The next floor had puffins and a big aquarium of fish and other animals that live in the Amazon. Once finished with this stop we went to the sharks. They freaked me out a little! That last place we went to was the dolphins. They were so cute! Then after we watched the dolphins it was sadly time to leave. I definitely know I will visit the aquarium soon again.

Anna-Clara, 4b

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