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Please participate in the DSW survey 2016!

Dear Parents,

Your opinion counts and is an important reference point in our effort to remain an excellent school.  This year’s parent survey is focused on three important areas. The first part addresses demographics, posing questions like: Why did you choose the DSW? What path do you envision for your children’s education? Because the answers to these questions will play an important role in shaping the strategic planning of the school, we are particularly interested in 100% participation in this year’s survey!!  The second area of interest covers communication between the school and parents about academic matters: Do you feel sufficiently informed about what your children are learning?  Are communications with your children’s teachers working well? And thirdly, we inquire about the college and career counseling programs at the DSW.  While this last section may at first glance seem relevant only to parents of our older students, it is important to us to also gauge the level of interest in this topic among families with younger children.

A few pointers about the logistics:

-          Every family received ONE link to the survey on Thursday, February 11, 2016. The subject line of the email is "DSW Eltern-Umfrage 2016 / DSW Parent Survey 2016".

-          Please complete this survey by February 29!

-          The survey is guaranteed anonymous. It is not possible to identify who participated in the survey.  Each family will receive one email link and can participate in the survey only once.  If you have any technical difficulties, please contact Beate Mahious at

-          We do not want to ask too much of your time. Please answer the questions with the oldest student at the DSW in mind, if you have more than one child. While this presents some limitations in our data analysis, it provides the best compromise between obtaining detailed data and achieving maximum parent participation.

-          The questionnaire does not contain any open-ended questions. If  the survey identifies important areas of concern, the School Administration and Steering Committee will establish forums for parents where they can  provide a more detailed feedback about  particular concerns. As always, should you have questions or suggestions with regards to areas not addressed in this year’s survey, please talk to your SEBR representative or make an appointment with the School Administration or the Board.

Kind regards,

The Steering Committee

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