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Preschool Afternoon Program and Extended Care report

Dear parents,

After the Christmas Break, we started the new year off well and are very happy to welcome new children into our afternoon program: Bobby, Dario, Dauvin, Liam and Matty, as well as Augustus in the Extended Care group.

We work on Arts and Crafts projects, draw, play and spend time outside when the weather allows.

Our children are very interested in fused beads and create colorful figures with them. In the middle of the month, we tested our ”handyman” skills and used hammer, nails and corkboards. In addition to the fun the children had, these activities were a wonderful opportunity to strengthen their fine-motor skills.

In the month of January, the children built long train trails through our classroom.  They had the amazing idea of creating a giant train inside our classroom with the classroom chairs!

We also celebrated Bobby`s birthday, and hosted a little puppet theatre where the children heard the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”.

For the children`s musical development, we learned new songs, such as „Es schneit“, „Schnee, Schnee, Schnee“, „Schneeglöckchen, Weißröckchen “ and „ABC, die Katze lief im Schnee”,which the children enjoy singing. We also taught the children a dance to the familiar „Brüderchen komm tanz mit mir“.

On a day of heavy snow the children built a snowman inside the classroom which strengthened their social skills through team work.

The children enjoy helping to prepare our daily snack and fruit/vegetable plate and are learning to set the table independently.

In order to enhance their language skills, we introduced a new video series, called “Puschel, das Eichhorn” (“Puschel, the squirrel”) – a great show which, among other things, emphasizes the importance of social values. The episode we talked about showed Puschel having to deal with finding new friends after his move to the forest.  The next episode dealt with the topic of being different from others and the acceptance of one another. Puschel realized that he was different from all the other squirrels in the forest and while most of them ignored him, there was one squirrel who accepts him the way he is. Future episodes will deal with “stealing”. There is a hazelnut thief in the forest, and Puschel is the one being blamed. In order to proof his innocence to his new friends, he is off to find the real thief.

We will also use this series to talk about topics, such as “friendship”, “solidarity” and to teach the children right from wrong. Beside the improvement of their language development, we are aiming to emphasize the importance of values.


Klára Tóth, Rita Iváncsics und Desiree Hernandez

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