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Preschool: March-Review of the ladybug group

Dear Parents

What an exciting month we have had! We learned all about eggs The children explored eggs with all their senses: We smelled, ate, touched, cooked, and experimented with eggs.  Where do the eggs come from? Which animals lay eggs? What does the egg look like inside? What happens to the eggshell when we place it in vinegar? The children created a table where they voted on what egg they wanted to eat and then we cooked the eggs accordingly. We also crafted and colored all kinds of eggs and had a big Easter egg hunt with the entire Preschool on the playground!

Musical education was also very exciting this month: The German a cappella group 'Vocaldente' visited our Preschool and the children were delighted. Mr. David brought his trumpet and each Ladybug got a chance to play on that trumpet – with individual mouthpieces - several times. The children were so excited!

Early mathematical and logical thinking was stimulated this month while sorting by color and similarities as well as sequencing. Blocks and building of streets, buildings, towers and other construction projects were especially popular in our group. During these construction projects the children not only develop their spatial thinking, but they also explore through trial and error the cause and effect of their actions while working together.

This social development can especially be observed during role play. The children imitate their everyday life, are engaging with others, listen and respond, all of which promote social emotional and language development. We truly enjoy experiencing all these developmental milestones with your children!


Lara Agbro & Sandra Kelley

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