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Spelling Bee 2016

Winners of the Spelling Bee 2016

A Journey to Dictionopolis

When Milo, the bored youngster in Norton Juster’s allegorical children’s book The Phantom Tollbooth (1961), travels to the city of Dictionopolis, he visits a word market where vendors sell everyday words, fancier ones, and tasty letters. Milo learns that the fancy words are too expensive, but he discovers that individual letters have distinct flavors, so that he might create words of this own. At the market, Milo luckily meets a very unusual insect, Spelling Bee. Milo is amazed that Spelling Bee knows practically every word in the dictionary, but he soon realizes that he himself knows very few words. Gradually with the help of others, Milo realizes how important reading and writing are in getting a good education. On Feburary 2, 2016, the German School community acknowledged the importance of words as well in its annual Spelling Bee competition.

As every year, the DSW auditorium was packed with noisy elementary and middle-school students anxious to see and hear the class champions from grades 3 - 8 compete in School’s Spelling Bee. Several students encouraged their classmates with placards expressing their support: “Go 4A!” The Bee included such challenging words as “hegemony,” “vituperative,” “arpeggio,” and “interlocutor.” This year’s 24 class champions proved to be excellent spellers. And the final round was especially exciting as the last two contestants tackled such words “vainglorious” and “susurration.”

At the end of the Bee, the winners received trophies and medallions in recognition of their achievements. The participants were probably as proud of their achievements as Milo was when he finally rescued the two princesses, Rhyme and Reason, from the Mountains of Ignorance. The English teachers and the DSW community are very proud of these students and heartily congratulate them.

The DSW English Department and German School community thank the following persons for making the Bee possible: Ms. Meuschke, the Bee’s organizer, planned the event, explained the Bee rules, reminded the audience to remain courteous and quiet; she also served on the jury along with Dr. Jackson and Ms. Cropsey. Ms. Minami—an alumna and former DSW English teacher—served as guest moderator. Dr. Dreher provided photographic support. We also thank the Friends of the German School for their generous support.

Peter Dreher

Chair of the English Department


Spelling Bee School Champions

Champion: Sophia S.

Second Place: Valerie K.

Third Place: Zoë M.


Classroom Winners

3A: Noa M., Isabel S.

3B: Gabriel W., Mateo M.

4A: Kai G., Malka E.

4B: Leo. L., Anna S-H.

5A: Barney R., Sarah D.

5B: Sophia S., Rachel E.

6A: Zoë M., Clarissa B.

6B: April T., Sarah M.

7A: Valerie K., Penny D.

7B: Victoria C., Catalina R.

8A: Sabina M., Niels W.

8B: Julian C., Paul S.

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