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Report: St. Martin’s procession

St. Martin, St. Martin, St. Martin rode through wind and snow…

A heartfelt thank you for the organization of this year’s lantern walk to Maya Osiander and Tina Hallex! The little ones who crafted their own creative lanterns for this special day will always remember the St. Martin’s parade as part of their German culture experience at the DSW .  Thanks to Dr. Brown, Frau Linnenbrink and the Elementary school choir we all enjoyed beautiful music in a  great atmosphere. We are grateful to Ms. McCormack and her well trained grey English Thoroughbred Mare portraying the St. Martin’s story so powerfully – thank you, Ms. McCormack!

The Elementary and Preschool Teams were acticvely involved in setup and clean-up. A big thank you also to our Friends of the German School for their generous donation of the Weckmänner that Herr Schwarz volunteered to pick up from the Swiss bakery.

What a nice way to start into the holiday season!

Monika Rodrigues                                                          
Elementary School Principal                                       

Philipp Wagner
Assistant Principal of the Elementary School

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