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Carnival of the Animals – A Play of the School Entry Level

On June 13th, 2014 in the morning, parents, relatives and friends of this year’s students of the School Entry Level filled the Aula of the German School Washington D.C. A big event was about to happen. A banner which said “Carnival of the Animals” gave a first hint for the play about to be shown on stage.

Mrs. Ascencio welcomed everyone with a few words. Lucas E., the first young actor on stage and the narrator of the play, introduced the following scenes in which a variety of animals and “grownups” could be admired.  Every young actor showed his or her amazing acting skills. The parent’s applause was sensational and everybody admired this little masterpiece.

Marlen Ascencio had worked very hard with the five and six-year olds on the play “Carnival of the Animals” for the last couple of months. Mrs. Castillo and Mrs. Meier-Schellersheim supported this project with great commitment. Mrs. Castillo and Mrs. Ascencio made the costumes and Mrs. Meier-Schellersheim made crafts and practiced different rhythmical movements for the play with the children.

Additionally, the team received a lot of support from the parents. Many costumes and props were provided and Mrs. Bond made the beautiful swan costumes.

Because of the great support of everyone who worked so hard on this play, the implementation and performance of the play was a big success and a wonderful experience. Thank you to everyone!

Marlen Ascencio -

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