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Theater Group presents "Top Dog"

On May 8 and 9, 2014 at 7:00 pm, please join us in the assembly hall to be entertained by the actresses and actors of grades 8 through 12. Free admission. Donations welcome.

„Searching for employment is a full time job. This will soon become apparent.”

From: Top Dogs by Urs Widmer

This is what a group of fired top managers is told at the New Challenge Company, where these former executives attempt to reenter the elite of the business world. Through amusing and sometimes ridiculous psychotherapy the stern and serious previous “top dogs” try to overcome the trauma of unemployment in this comedy by Swiss playwright Urs Widmer.

The actors:

Elizabeth B. as Mr. Brauneis & story teller

Victoria B. as Mrs. Buben

Miriam G. as Mr. Ganslmeier

Tanja L. as Mr. Langenstein

Nina L. as Mrs. Lotze

Max O’N. as another Top Dog & story teller

Natalia P. as Mr. Pichardo

Helena R. as another Top Dog & Psychologist

Mika Sch. as another Top Dog & wife

Laura S. as Mr. Sipple

Frederik T. as another Top Dog & husband

Henriette W. as Mr. Wächter


Director: Ulrike Christof

Lighting and Sound: Rashid H., William B.



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