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Program Description

The DSW has applied and has been approved for participation in the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Nonpublic Student Textbook Program. This means that the following costly textbooks will be provided and will not have to be purchased by you:

• Grade 2-5 English: (Storytown and ESL)

• Grade 5 History (DIA): (World Studies: The Ancient World)

• Grade 6 History (DIA): (World Studies: Medieval Times)

• Grade 7-9 History (DIA): (Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction)

• Grades 5 to 10 Biology (DIA): (Biology: Exploring Life) Student Edition with Activities CD-ROM/Lab Manual

• Grades 5 to 10 Biology (DIA): (Biology: Exploring Life) Guided Reading and Study Workbook

• Grade 6 English: (Elements of Literature, Introductory Course)

• Grade 7 English: (Elements of Literature, First Course)

• Grade 8 English: (Elements of Literature, Second Course)

• Grade 9 English: (Adventures in Reading)

• Grade 10 English: (Adventures in Appreciation)

• Grade 11 American History: (American Anthem)

• Grade 11 English: (Adventures in American Literature)

• Grade 12 English: (Adventures in English Literature)

The textbooks are the property of the MSDE and will be available for loan to the students of the DSW.

Each student and her/his parents will be asked to sign an Agreement and Confirmation of Receipt - Elementary School and / or Agreement and Confirmation of Receipt - Upper School at the beginning of the school year and to commit herself/himself to taking appropriate care of the textbook(s) given to her/him. Students will only receive a textbook upon handing in the signed respective Agreement and Confirmation Receipt. Textbook(s) will have to be protected with book covers and should not be written in, highlighted or otherwise marked. Textbooks will have to be returned to the DSW at the end of the school year. Damaged or lost textbooks must be replaced or paid for by the student. Students who have not returned or replaced/paid for lost or damaged books will not receive their report card at the end of the year until they have done so.

Should you already own one of the above textbooks (e.g. from a sibling) or should you wish to purchase the textbooks yourself, please indicate this on the Agreement and Confirmation of Receipt. Deadlines for handing in the Agreement and Confirmation of Receipt will be announced by email and on the DSW-Website in the “News” column.

Some consumable workbooks may have to be purchased by students and will be available as ordered by you through the bookstore.

Important: The bookstore will not distribute MSDE textbooks; they will be handed out at the beginning of the school year by the Elementary School teachers and by the respective History, English and Biology teachers of Grades 5-12.

Applications for participation in the Nonpublic Student Textbook Program are assessed by the MSDE on a year-by-year basis. The DSW intends to apply for participation in the program in the future, and so hopes to expand on English textbooks available for loan to students of the DSW.

We are pleased to be able to pass the benefits of this program on to families of the DSW.



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