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Where does the money go?

In collaboration with teachers, parents, students, Head of School, Principals and Board Members, our Annual Giving Committee has come up with wonderful projects which we are sure you will also get excited about. The theme of this year’s Annual Giving campaign is “Technology”. Your financial support will allow us to purchase the following:

Preschool: 2 mobile Smart Boards

What is a mobile Smart Board?

A Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard. It allows teachers to project an image and 'interact' with it by writing on it or moving it around. The Smart Board is connected to a computer and works with a projector. The projector displays what on the desktop of the computer and, rather than using a mouse or keyboard, the Smart Board is a touch screen, which allows teachers and students to manipulate anything on the screen using their fingers.

How will Smart Boards be in used at the Preschool level?

It is important for us to emphasize that moderation is key when it comes to the use of technology in the Preschool. While free play and the development of social skills will always maintain a vital role of our Preschool program, in our opinion  technology, when  balancedwith a healthy dose of outdoor play, fun arts & crafts, and other kinds of interactive, hands-on experiences, can be a valuable part of early childhood experience. 

Using a Smart Board will allow our Preschool teachers to integrate technology sporadically during circle time to reinforce a project with real-world experiences. For example, if teachers talk to students about the legend of St. Martin, they can show them pictures and videos or listen to German songs and stories online. Or  photos of lanterns that the students have crafted can be displayed on the Smart Board and students can  count the lanterns or sort them using their fingers.

There are many age-appropriate and child-friendly ways Smart Boards can be used purposefully as a teaching tool in Preschool. Smart Boards will only be used under the teachers’ guidance for a limited amount of time during circle time. Free play and outdoor activities remain at the core of our early education philosophy and will not be compromised by the use of technology such as Smart Boards.

Here you can listen to an interesting report on German radio about the use of Smart Boards in a German preschool:

Elementary School and Upper School: 3D Printers including Equipment & Teacher Training

What exactly is 3D printing and how does it work?

3D printing is a process in which solid 3D objects are created, layer by layer, from a single digital file. Students can design an original object with a modeling program, download a 3D template from a website, or use a 3D scanner to measure and produce something in the real world. This video shows you how 3D-printing works.

How will 3D printer be used?

You might associate 3D printing with the STEM areas, but it is applicable in any subject. Our curriculum offers many opportunities for the use of 3D printers. For instance, in Geography students can print out a relief of a mountain range or in Music they can design their own flute and print it out. In Chemistry and Biology, students can produce models of molecules, DNA and gene structures. Just about anything a student wants to create on paper or with cardboard and duct tape can be expanded and refined with 3D printing technology.


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