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Counselor Grades 1-4

During her office hours the Counselor provides students with an opportunity to take charge of their problems and conflicts and to work on and solve them. Students can set up recess appointments alone or with one or two other childrenand work on solutions. Social learning takes place every day and in all areas.

Therefore, the elementary school team has developed F.R.O.G., a system that rewards friendly, respectful, organized and community-oriented behavior. Specific topics on social learning can also be addressed in class. Conflict mediation in acute cases and learning to overcome other conflicts are also part of the program.

Office hours for parents offer an opportunity to discuss educational questions or a student’s academic challenges, to search for solutions and, if necessary, establish a support system.

Class room visits offer an opportunity to meet all students and to better start and accompany important processes. The elementary school counselor cooperates with the secondary school counselor, thus ensuring professional communications.

Monthly Newsletter: Helping Children Learn - Elementary School Edition

Counseling To Go

Mrs. Fabina, the counselor for the upper level school, and Ms. Schweitzer, the counselor for the elementary school have collaborated to provide information on a variety of counseling related topics. We hope you find the information interesting and useful. Happy reading!

> Counseling To Go: Rude, Mean, Bullying… What is the difference?

"Counselor's Corner", German School Counseling Newsletter


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