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Librarian: Kathryn Deschler
Phone: 301.767.3828

Opening Hours

Mondaythrough Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturdays from 9:30 am to 11:30 am (for German Language Courses, GLC)

The library will be closed during school vacations and on all other holidays or school closings.

Use of the Library - Main Building

During the regular opening hours, the library can be used by all members of the German School Society and by all German International School Washignton employees.

Purpose and task of the library is not only to offer access to traditional and modern sources of information to its users but also to support the advancement of efficient research strategies. Visiting the library, the users will find individual assistance as well as various sources of information useful for individual development and for leisure activities.


Congress has remitted guidelines for the copying of audio and video tapes at universities and schools within the framework of the copyright and publishing company rights. In accordance with the Kastenmeyer Committee (Oct. 14th, 1981) these guidelines also need to be adhered to at our school.

Congress has established rules and regulations for the use/copying of audio and video tapes in schools and universities within the framework of the copyright and publishing company rights. In accordance with the Kastenmeier Committee (Oct. 14th, 1981) these guidelines also apply to our school.

The guidelines allow a 45-day evaluation of the tape by the teacher and 2 presentations of the tape in class within a 10 day period. After 45 days the tape must be erased.

The person who copied the recording is responsible for adhering to these regulations.

Tapes which were lent form a video club or video rental store may not be presented in school.

A copy of the complete guidelines of the Kastenmeier Committee is available for inspection at the library. See also:

Copyright Policies. Southeastern Louisiana University. 17 November 1999.

Media Services. University of Minnesota. 16 June 2000.

Studies of the effectiveness of school libraries in the USA and in Germany have shown, that students who have access to good school libraries achieve better academic results. Our library has become a place of team work and learning by offering a variety of media.

“You open books and they open your mind”

Tschingis Aitmatov


Laut Gesamtkonferenzbeschluss vom 17. Juni 2008

Studies of library effectiveness in Germany and USA have found that students who have good libraries available to them tend to perform better in school. We strive to make our library a place of team work and knowledge acquiration for grades 5-12 by using various information media.


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