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Job Opportunities

Please click the job title that interests you:


Job Posting



Upper School


The German School Washington, D.C. seeks a Librarian for the Upper School.


The 2017/2018 school year.


  • Consult with the principal, assistant principal, and faculty members to formulate and implement a mission, philosophy, goals, and objectives for the library media program.
  • Map information literacy & technology curriculum to classroom curriculum in cooperation with classroom teachers
  • Design and implement activities that develop capable and independent readers such as book talks to classes based on student interest or curricular connections; literature lessons; give reading recommendations and programs for family participation in literacy support.
  • Promote literacy through 1:1 or small-group reader advisory by directing students to resources that are age-appropriate at accessible levels of difficulty and that respond to student interest as well as information need.
  • Teach research skills, e.g., thesis-formation, note-taking, citation, composition teach technology skills, e.g., keyboarding, multimedia production, media literacy across grade levels (Grades 5-12)
  • Act as liaison between school and German cultural institutions, e.g. Kulturabteilung der Botschaft or Goethe-Institute re. visits of authors and other literature events; furthermore establish liaison with libraries of local private schools as part of outreach and cultural exchange.


Duties include:

Library Management:

  • Manage circulation system to ensure confidentiality of library records.
  • Develop, in cooperation with school leadership, policies for selection and reconsideration of school library materials; confidentiality of student library records; and legal and ethical use of information resources, including plagiarism and intellectual property rights.
  • Communicate library program goals clearly to principal and staff regarding program development and concerns.
  • Management of library media center routines, evaluation and selection of library media materials, ordering, circulation control, etc.


  • Select resources (print and digital) so that the collection is responsive to the needs of the students and teachers.  Implement research databases (e.g. JSTOR, GALE).
  • Maintain records of resources in the automated library system; adds new records and deletes withdrawn items.
  • Set priorities and plan library budget in cooperation with building and/or district leadership; expend and manage budget resources accordingly.

User Assistance

  • Provide teacher in-service for integration of library resources and technology into the curriculum, and relevant policy, e.g., ethical use of information.
  • Assist students with computers and use of library resources to complete assignments.
  • Use the automated circulation system to check in/out materials and equipment.

Professional Development

  • Maintain awareness of professional trends and emerging technologies and assesses applications for potential implementation.


  • Fluency in German and English, both verbal and written
  • First and second Staatsexamen or comparable certification
  • Experience working in a Library

To Apply:

Please submit your application to the Head of School at


Job Posting

Elementary School Playground supervision


The German School Washington seeks a part-time teacher to supervise the playground in the Elementary School.


This position begins in August 2017 (under probation until October, with possibility of extending for the 2017-2018 School year).


This position is part time for the supervision of the Elementary School playground daily from 3:10 pm – 3:45 pm during the school year.


Duties include:

  • Supervision and care for children on the playground.
  • Engaging the children in playground activities.


  • Degree in Early Childhood education or an Erzieherin/Erzieher/Sozialpädagogin/Sozialpädagoge certification
  • Flexibility and the ability to work independently
  • Fluency in German and English, both verbal and written

To Apply:

Please submit your letter of interest and resume to Grace Gordon at


The German Language School (GLC) of the German School Washington D.C. is looking for teachers on Saturday mornings. Please send your resume to Kerstin Hopkins at For more information visit: Job openings at the German Language Courses (GLC)


The Preschool is seeking substitute teachers. Substitutes may be called on short notice and may work either in the morning program or during the afternoon program/extended care. Substitutes supervise children ages two to four years old in the sleeping area, activity areas and on the playground, working closely with the other teachers in the Preschool.


Substitutes are expected to:

o become familiar with the tenets of the Preschool program and adhere to the core mission;

o be fluent in German and English

o assist the teachers in supervising the children both in the classroom, outside, and on field trips

o assist the children through modeling of behavior, demonstrating tasks and supporting creativity and independence

o be energetic, enthusiastic and dependable


Please contact



The Elementary School of the German School Washington D.C. is urgently looking for substitutes with First or Second teaching examination or comparable qualifications. For substitutions in our School Entry Level (for five-year-olds) and for supervision until 5:00 p.m. (Extended Care) we are also looking for applicants with professional background such as social pedagogy or preschool teacher education.

The demand for substitutes often arises on short notice for the hours between 7:55 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. or 3:10 respectively or 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. This position requires flexibility. 

We consider applicants with a current US work authorization, as the German School cannot sponsor a visa such as an H1B.

Please contact


The German School Washington is currently evaluating the possibility of offering internship positions at our school in the future. Therefore, we are unable to accept applications for internships at this time. Thank you for your interest.


All applicants must be authorized to work in the US for any employer.

Please contact us at to indicate your interest in job opportunities.

The German School Washington is an equal opportunity employer.


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